Planet Palm

“KTC is at the forefront of palm oil sustainability in the UK, and we needed a cohesive brand that reflects that, while confidently addressing the many misconceptions about palm. It needed to stand out from other products in the market, and the messaging had to be robust enough to address the strong anti-palm narrative in the UK. One Nine Nine delivered at every stage, from initial concept to press launch - where they achieved widespread coverage in target media that resulted in immediate, direct enquiries from new and existing customers.”

‍Gary Lewis | Sales Director KTC Edibles


The client

Long-standing client KTC Edibles is one of Europe’s largest independent manufacturers and distributors of edible oils. They have a long history of sustainability and exacting quality standards and approached us as they wanted to create the world’s first unashamedly pro-palm oil product.

This product would be a new range of certified sustainable, traceable and responsibly sourced palm oil products targeted at bakery and food manufacturers in the UK.

They had a brilliant idea - but they needed to create a brand from the ground up that would embody their sustainability demands and capture the imagination of food manufacturers in the UK - while challenging long-established misconceptions about the sustainability of palm.

The challenge


The brief was very clear - to create a pro-palm brand that would capture the sustainability and forward thinking of KTC. 

One of the main challenges was overcoming palm oil’s negative connotations. 

Palm oil is the most efficient vegetable oil crop in the world. It’s an incredible commodity that is used across virtually every industry in the world. But that efficiency has led to overexploitation and unsustainable farming practices, devastating habitats and creating a very public bad reputation. 

We needed to position the new brand as the credible, certified and sustainable future of palm oil. One part of our solution was to work alongside the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm (RSPO). By involving them in the media process, we were able to gain trust and credibility in the sector, while also helping the brand engage with a wider audience. 

We needed to differentiate the new brand from existing palm oil products in the KTC portfolio and across the palm oil market. 

Our first task was to identify the potential audience and define our brand’s purpose and position in the market. 

We then had to create: 

- A brand name and slogans/keywords 

- A full suite of logos 

- Colour palettes and fonts 

- A brand story 

- TOV and brand messaging 

- Product packaging designs

Alongside that, we were tasked with launching the product with a full press campaign. 

The results


We created Planet Palm, an instantly recognisable brand designed to change the preconceptions around palm oil. We created a range of different colourways and product packaging and created a sustainable-first TOV that resonated with the audience. 

Our press campaign was a huge success as we secured features and coverage across all the key target trade media platforms, reaching a combined digital and print audience of over 750,000. 

This included high-profile placements in The Grocer, Food Manufacture and FoodBev. 

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