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March 20, 2024

We Need To Talk About Food

Globally, we make enough food to feed more than 10 billion people, and yet we’re blighted by both obesity and starvation.

The paradox of incredible abundance and wastefulness in our food system is one of the most pressing - and complex - global issues. However, there are ways the marketing community can help improve the situation, with food waste being one of the driving trends in 2024 and beyond. 

Food Facts 

An estimated one-third of global food supplies go to waste every year. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), food loss and waste costs at least USD 750 billion annually and is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions - more than the entire aviation industry! 

They are shocking figures. Food manufacturing, retailing and consumption habits can all be extremely wasteful—from supply chain mismanagement to consumer behaviour and, somewhat incredibly, perceptions about food beauty standards. Somehow, we’ve evolved our food industry to be one where wastage is priced in at virtually every step of the chain. 

But there are some very creative ways that companies are fighting back. 

The Natural Revolution 

Our client Bioshield uses waste products from the juice industry to make a natural alternative to synthetic chemical cleaners. Not only is Bioshield’s natural cleaning solution as effective as traditional cleaners, but it also minimises virgin resource extraction and prevents any excess waste, becoming part of the circular economy in the process. 

Others like KTC Edibles, one of Europe’s largest independent manufacturers and distributors of edible oils, are leading from the front regarding sustainability. On average, certified sustainable palm oil can produce nearly twice the yield of conventional palm oil while also having a smaller water footprint than all other vegetable oils. 

Home Help 

As with all large-scale problems, real and impactful change needs to come from on top with governments, global organisations and watch dogs working together to create a more sustainable food framework. 

Thankfully, smaller organisations and companies are alive to the challenges of food waste and sustainability, making it easier than ever to limit wastage. 

Companies like Too Good To Go are an excellent example of a small start-up going on to great things. They rescue food that would otherwise be thrown out from shops and restaurants, with their 60 million plus members saving well over 139 million meals since 2022. 

Similarly, a new Sheffield pop-up redistributes food that would have been wasted for a pay-what-you-can food market for those on low incomes and struggling with the cost of living. 

A Little More Conversation 

These initiatives are wonderful examples of communities and companies addressing the problems in the food industry. 

But with food wastage such a truly global problem, our global food paradox will only be solved when everyone starts talking about the problem and starts taking action. 

Reducing food waste isn't just about saving food - it's about building a more sustainable and fair food system for future generations. 

Get in Touch 

We’re extremely proud to be working with companies looking to redress that balance, creating and delivering effective digital, marketing and creative sustainability strategies to support your ongoing commercial and critical success. 

To find out how we can impact your marketing, please get in touch with our team at 01138444111 or email us at

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