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May 22, 2024

The power of simplicity: why big ideas sometimes need small words

Language is vitally important when communicating complex ideas. 

Yet, too often, those complex ideas are hidden behind complex language, with readers left adrift in a sea of jargon and acronyms. In this blog, we’ll explain how tech companies can simplify their message and what impact that could have on their business… 

Our world is founded on complex ideas, such as the theory of relativity, the concept of infinity, and why people are drawn to reality TV shows. 

The key to complex ideas is breaking them down into smaller and simpler ideas, distilling and refining them until you have an idea that people can easily understand and relate to. 

Take, for example, the tech industry, which creates some of the best ideas in the world. The UK’s tech market is thriving — it’s worth  $1 trillion, employs over three million people, and is currently home to 43 Unicorns (privately held startups worth over $1 billion), putting us third in the global charts. 

There are many reasons behind the Unicorns’ success, but one link between them is their ability to quickly and concisely tell people what they do. Sometimes, that’s easier to do thanks to the nature of their product — BrewDog, for instance, sells beer, and Deliveroo brings you food. 

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid! 

The best companies communicate the value of what they do and use language that connects, simplifies, and tells a story quickly and efficiently. And that’s not easy, which is why so many companies either don’t bother or do it themselves and get it wrong. 

Too many focus their strategy on sales rather than marketing, or they confuse tech language and technical jargon for content that will relate to their customer. They focus on the functions and features, rather than selling the solution. 

That's where One Nine Nine comes in. We’re communication experts. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we know how to drive business by using clear, concise, and compelling language. 

Take our work with Planet Palm as we launched the world’s first overtly pro-palm product. We took the brand from ideation to press campaign, creating the brand name, key messages, taglines, value proposition, elevator pitch and a whole suite of copy. We’re actively challenging the commonly held perceptions of palm oil, using gold-standard sustainability figures and key messages to help change the conversation. 

Or our work with global silicone leaders Momentive. We’ve simplified complex agrochemical products like adjuvants, sticker spreaders and anti-foaming, translating those concepts into jargon-free, simple-to-understand ideas that drive sales and business conversions. 

From distilling your USPs to media communications and internal comms, we know that the write words can make the difference between unicorns and also-rans. 

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