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March 18, 2024

Green wine, anyone?

Paper wine bottles might not make a lot of sense on first reading, but bear with us - and Aldi - here. 

Their new wine range is housed in 94% recycled paperboard and lined with a food-grade pouch containing a choice of South African Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc. The new bottles are fully recyclable and five times lighter than a standard glass bottle, resulting in a carbon footprint 84% lower than a glass bottle.

Not bad for a company that likes to pick fights with Colin the Caterpillar and gives us talking carrots called Kevin. 

Wine is an intensive product to make, with a water footprint of 720 litres of water for every 750ml bottle. So anything that makes the wine process more sustainable is a big win - especially as Brits drink an average of 37 bottles a year. 

Aldi has teamed up with UK company FrugalpacTM to reduce their carbon footprint, using sustainable packaging that’s lightweight and easy to recycle again. The shatterproof plastic and paper wine bottles won’t break, the cardboard and plastic packaging is lightweight and recyclable and they dramatically reduce the weight (and therefore energy consumption) involved in transporting them across the world. 

Aldi’s paper and plastic wine bottles are to be lauded - but just as equally, it raises the question of what’s stopping everyone else? 

There are three main advantages to Aldi’s wine strategy. 

  • They’re saving themselves money and reducing their carbon footprint by transporting heavy wine bottles across the world. 
  • They’re rightly tapping into the growing eco-friendly shopping trends, boosting their bottom line. 
  • And - never one to miss a PR trick - the bottles were launched on World Recycling Day on March 18, turning this into a PR exercise. 

That last point is key - the real benefit comes with the PR boost the brand will receive, marking them out as green innovators at a time when shopping habits are changing. 

We recognise the advantages that green business decisions can have and have recently worked with long-term clients like KTC and Axiom to turn their sustainability products into news stories that capture the imagination. And we can do the same for your brand and your products! 

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