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September 27, 2023

Sustainability: it’s ale in a day’s work for People, Planet, Pint

We’re firm believers of the theory that some of the best ideas are formed in the pub. And it seems the good people at People, Planet, Pint share our views!

The first People, Planet, Pint was an impromptu event at COP26 in Glasgow, with 30 people turning up to talk about sustainability in a friendly and safe space. 

Sensing an “hopportunity”, Planet People Pint has now grown and evolved into a sustainable movement that’s brought together more than 8,000 people at over 300 events in 75 cities, all sharing green ideas in a fun and inspiring way. 

The free sustainability event is continuing to grow and expand, with European meets this year across Holland, Spain and Switzerland, with France, Germany and America on the horizon. And, they’re also launching an alcohol free sustainability meet-up called People, Planet, Pastry as an alternative daytime event. 

One Nine Nine are now part of that sustainability journey, as we’ve agreed to partner with People, Planet, Pint for their alternative COP28 events on Thursday December 7. Hoppy days! 

COPPP (Congress of the People Planet Pints) will be held in various locations across the UK to ‘bring people in their local communities together. This is about starting broad conversations across all parts of the community, not just for sustainability experts, but anyone who is concerned or curious.’ 

We’re delighted to be involved - it’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone who cares about the future of the planet and improving sustainability to come together, share ideas and start to make a real difference in their local areas. 

People, Planet, Pint is the brainchild of Small99 founder, Adam Bastock. Small99 helps small businesses across the UK to improve their sustainability programmes and achieve net zero emissions, while building a more resilient and profitable company at the same time.

Find out more about People, Planet, Pint and sign up for a local event here.

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