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March 6, 2023

One Nine Nine to Speak at VMC 2023

Featuring international speakers and business leaders, as well as case studies from leading brands including Kellogg’s, Lexus and Tony’s Chocolonely, the one-day conference aims to provide a vivid insight into marketing communications. It will explore the role it plays in successful businesses, and the way social culture influences the way we need to communicate.

Sustainability and Design

Our Managing Director, Barnaby Patchett, will be speaking on the afternoon panel session: Buzzwords and BS. This discussion will examine why the truth matters when it comes to sustainability, the importance of challenging misconceptions, and how facts, figures and insights can manage your brand to help customers make informed decisions.

Our Multimedia Designer, Zak Lebetkin, will also feature at the conference as part of the afternoon session How to Attract and Retain the Best Creative Talent in Today’s World. With extensive experience working on large branding and promotional projects for corporate and large businesses across the UK - Zak is well positioned to offer his insight on what businesses should be doing to engage with burgeoning creative talent. 

He also is the creator of VMC23 logo and brand guidelines, which can be seen in the programme here.

Innovation. Creation. Sustainability.

Through a series of talks, presentations and discussions, the Visual Media Conference emphasises practical solutions across three main themes. These are: Innovation from printing to the metaverse, Creativity in design and successful business methods and Sustainability for the environment from companies that are themselves sustainable.

This free conference brings creative and business professionals from across the UK together to explore how strategy and design play a pivotal role in communicating ideas, concepts and messages. 

The one-day event offers an excellent opportunity for attendees to discover how social culture and environmental pressures are impacting businesses, and how this is affecting the work and messages being communicated by marketing professionals. 

From discussing how to make a difference whilst making a profit, to unveiling the secrets behind truly innovative design - this event explores a wide range of issues relevant to marketing and design professionals, as well as providing practical solutions to some of the industries most pressing challenges.

About the Speakers

Other speakers at the event include:

About the Event

VMC 23 is taking place at The Rose Bowl in Leeds, on April 4th.

For more information and to register your interest for the event, please visit: Innovation. Creativity. Sustainability. - Visual Media Conference

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