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November 8, 2022

November Key Dates

As we approach the end of the year, it's important to continue incorporating key dates into your business calendar. Focussed content and events are a great way to generate new opportunities for your organisation, and enable you to engage with your clients and customers in a creative way.

Why Observe Key Dates as a Business?

  • To engage your customers and community with relevant and current events
  • To help unite your customers and community through days that people connect and identify with
  • To help create a sense of urgency amongst customers (these celebrations happen for a limited time, which generates a feeling of immediacy to take part in or consume content)
  • They are an opportunity for exposure. It’s worth noting that key dates often have their own hashtag, so make sure to use this when posting about them on social media to help new followers discover you!

Here are some key dates to add to your business calendar this November:

1st - 30th November - Movember #Movember #MovemberFoundation #Movember2022

What is Movember?
Movember is a month-long event during which participants grow a moustache to raise awareness of health conditions and issues that affect men.

Ways to observe:

  • Grow a moustache to raise funds and awareness for men’s health
  • Host a fun activity with your colleagues  
  • Download the Movember email signature banners or office poster packs from
  • Move for Movember - join those doing 60km throughout the month of November
  • Share your achievements on social media

1st November - World Vegan Day #WorldVeganDay

What is World Vegan Day?
World Vegan Day celebrates and promotes veganism with all its positive aspects.

Ways to observe:

  • Try out a vegan diet
  • Support a local vegan business (or go for a vegan team lunch with your co-workers!)
  • Share your favourite vegan recipes on social media 
  • Create awareness of vegan nutrition and how it can benefit you and the environment

5th November - Bonfire Night #BonfireNight #GuyFawkesNight

What is Bonfire Night? 
Also known as Guy Fawkes night, Bonfire Night is celebrated on the 5th November every year with fireworks displays, bonfires and seasonal food and drink.

Ways to observe:

  • Host a Bonfire Night related giveaway to mark the occasion
  • Celebrate with a cosy staying-in campaign (promoting a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative)
  • Share your Bonfire Night tips on social media (e.g. safety tips, Autumnal recipes, tips for an eco-friendly Bonfire Night)

11th November - Remembrance Day & 13th November - Remembrance Sunday

What are Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday?
Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday are the days in which people unite to remember and pay tribute to the Armed Forces community.

Ways to observe :

  • Organise a commemorative silence
  • Plan your promotions carefully throughout the remembrance period
  • Respectfully recognise Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday on your business’ social media and website
  • Wear a poppy - the recognised symbol of remembrance

13th November - World Kindness Day #WorldKindnessDay #WorldKindnessDay2022

What is World Kindness Day?
On World Kindness Day, participating individuals and organisations aim to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness.

Ways to observe:

  • Raise money for a local charity
  • Host a World Kindness Day giveaway or offer discounts
  • Write a review for a local business or organisation that has impressed you lately

25th November - Black Friday #BlackFriday #BlackFridaySale #BlackFriday2022

What is Black Friday?
Black Friday traditionally falls on the last Friday of November each year, and is a day where retailers offer discounts on products across a range of categories to kickstart the festive shopping season.

Ways to observe:

  • Get creative with your email marketing campaigns (to help them stand out amongst the Black Friday traffic)
  • Embrace social media (utilise targeted ads, Instagram/Facebook shopping and brush up on your audience insights)
  • Optimise your website (showcase your sales, use relevant keywords and ensure your copy and products are up to date)
  • Consider staggering your sales discounts with ‘limited time’ offers (this will help to create urgency amongst your customer base)

28th November - Cyber Monday #CyberMonday #CyberMondaySale #CyberMonday2022

What is Cyber Monday?
Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday falls on the last Monday of November. It is a day where retailers offer discounts via their online stores to celebrate the Christmas gifting period - usually with a large focus on tech products.

Ways to observe:

  • Ensure your website’s performance is up to scratch and capable of handling the Cyber Monday traffic (test page speeds, assess your available bandwidth and make sure your site is mobile-friendly)
  • Display your shipping options and times (and make sure they reflect current timelines)
  • Offer tracking features for online orders
  • Optimise your website and use relevant keywords to drive traffic
  • Embrace social media (utilise targeted ads, Instagram/Facebook shopping and brush up on your audience insights)

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