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May 4, 2023

May Key Dates

Summer is just around the corner, so make sure to factor those all important key dates into your marketing calendar!

Why Observe Key Dates as a Business?

  • To grow your online following and customer base
  • To celebrate recognised events with your followers
  • To help new people discover your business (don’t forget to use relevant and trending hashtags online!)

Here are some key dates to add to your business calendar this May:

1st May - Early May Bank Holiday #MayBankHoliday #BankHoliday2023 

Held on the first Monday of May, The Early May Bank Holiday is an annual public holiday in the United Kingdom.

Ways to observe:

  • Take advantage of a long weekend and enjoy time with friends and family
  • Take part in any Bank Holiday events that might be happening in your area
  • Host a limited time Bank Holiday discount or sale for your customers

8th May - Coronation of King Charles and Camilla #KingCharles #Coronation #Coronation2023

The coronation is the official crowning of King Charles as the King of the United Kingdom, where he is given his royal powers.

Ways to observe:

  • Decorate your office or website/logo with Union Jacks
  • Host a street party, or a work social in celebration of the coronation, with patriotic themed clothing
  • Give back to the community by organising an event, making a donation, or shouting about local initiatives

8th - 13th May - Eurovision #Eurovision #Eurovision2023

Eurovision is an annual, international song contest organised by the European Broadcasting Union, featuring contestants, typically from European countries, performing live for the public to vote for a winner.

Ways to observe:

  • Create an office playlist of the latest contestants
  • Share posts related to iconic moments of the show to demonstrate cultural relevance
  • Fancy dress themed day in the office
  • Organise work karaoke

15th - 21st May - Mental Health Awareness Week #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek  #MHAW  #MentalHealth

Mental Health Awareness Day is an annual holiday hosted by the Mental Health Foundation with the goal of increasing awareness on issues surrounding mental health and providing access to support and advice. This year’s focus is on anxiety.

Ways to observe :

  • Post to your following about the importance of self care and protecting your mental health both in the workplace and in personal life 
  • Share your tips on what people can do when dealing with feelings of anxiety
  • Sharing journeys with mental health and the road to recovery 
  • Donate to charities that support mental health causes

28th May - World Hunger Day #WorldHungerDay #WorldHungerDay2023 

World Hunger Day is an annual observance that aims to support the UN Sustainable Goal of Zero Hunger in helping the 800 million in the world going hungry every day.

Ways to observe :

  • Offer up a sponsored event at work or a work charity donation in solidarity
  • Volunteer at a local food bank or support local homelessness charities

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