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March 14, 2023

March Key Dates

The arrival of Spring is a perfect opportunity to get organised and tidy up your business calendar. This March, stay one step ahead by factoring key dates into your marketing timeline.

Why Observe Key Dates as a Business?

  • To build your customer base and online following
  • To share special or limited time events with your customers
  • To increase exposure and help new customers discover your business (make sure to use relevant and trending hashtags when posting about key dates online!)

Here are some key dates to add to your business calendar this March:

17th March - St Patrick’s Day #StPatricksDay #StPatricksDay2023

St Patrick’s Day is the feast of Ireland’s patron saint, and has evolved to be an annual celebration of Irish culture.

Ways to observe:

  • Create an office playlist of your favourite Irish bands and musicians
  • Share a traditional Irish recipe with your followers, like soda bread or Irish stew
  • Share a themed discount or promotion with your customers 
  • Organise after work drinks at your local pub or Irish bar!

19th March - International Client’s Day #InternationalClientsDay #Clients  #ClientSuccess

International Clients Day is an informal holiday where businesses and organisations take the opportunity to express gratitude for their clients and customers.

Ways to observe:

  • Post about your clients on social media or in an online blog 
  • Share an exclusive client giveaway or discount
  • Send your clients a personal message expressing your gratitude

19th March - Mother’s Day #MothersDay #MothersDay2023 #MothersDayGift

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration that honours motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

Ways to observe:

  • Shout about local mum-owned businesses on social media or in an online blog
  • Host a Mother’s Day giveaway or share a discount with your followers
  • Create a Mother’s Day gift guide, or share ideas with your followers of how to celebrate

22nd March - Ramadan Starts #Ramadan #RamadanKareem #RamadanMubarak #Ramadan2023

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims as a period of fasting, reflection and community.

Ways to observe :

  • Share traditional Ramadan recipes with your online followers
  • Decorate your office or website using traditional Ramadan symbols, such as the crescent moon
  • Give back to the community by organising an event, making a donation, or shouting about local initiatives

27th March - British Summer Time (BST) Begins #BritishSummerTime

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward 1 hour!

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