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October 25, 2023

KTC Launches New Sustainable Palm Oil Brand - Planet Palm

We’re delighted to announce that our edible oils client KTC has launched a brand new pro-palm oil brand called Planet Palm.

Planet Palm is a new range of certified sustainable, traceable and responsibly sourced palm oil products for bakery and food manufacturers in the UK.

Planet Palm is launching three specialist bakery products - Planet Palm Cake Margarine, Planet Palm Pastry Margarine and Planet Palm Shortening. All products are Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified sustainable segregated, offering traceability back to the refinery.

The range is unashamedly ‘pro palm’ – with certified sustainable products designed to help combat some of the negative misconceptions about palm oil. Palm oil is often portrayed as the evil baddie in the world of sustainability, as it’s an amazingly versatile commodity that is used in a huge range of household products. That value has been exploited, leading to unsustainable farming practices and a very public bad reputation.

Over the last decade, however, much has been done to improve the situation. When sustainably sourced, palm oil is the most efficient vegetable oil crop, producing more oil per land than other alternatives such as soya, sunflower and rapeseed.

Planet Palm has embraced that incredible efficiency and addressed the previous palm oil perception by creating certified sustainable segregated palm oil products, offering traceability back to the refinery.

And for that, we fully applaud them, as they look to change perceptions about palm and continue to encourage customers to adopt sustainable solutions.

Gary Lewis, Sales Director at KTC Edibles, explains:

“Over the past 15 years, the food industry has shied away from promoting palm oil – with brands either hiding their use or switching out of palm altogether. Unfortunately, switching from palm to alternatives doesn’t reduce deforestation or protect biodiversity. It simply moves the problems to another part of the world and can make them significantly worse!

“With Planet Palm, we’re doing something that’s never been done before - positioning palm oil as a positive product. This isn’t greenwashing - palm oil is the world’s most efficient oil crop, and when customers choose the right certified products, palm oil can be a responsible, sustainable option.

Additional information about Planet Palm and other high-performance frying oils from KTC can be found at and

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