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January 3, 2023

January Key Dates

As we begin the new year, it's important to organise your business calendar and start preparing for those all important key dates throughout 2023.

Why Observe Key Dates as a Business?

  • To celebrate relevant events with your customers and followers
  • To build and grow your business community
  • To create urgency within your community around annual or limited time events
  • For exposure and discoverability (don’t forget to use relevant and trending hashtags when posting about the event on social media!)

Here are some key dates to add to your business calendar this January:

1st - 31st January - Veganuary #Veganuary #Veganuary2023 #VeganuaryEats

What is Veganuary?
Veganuary is an annual challenge that encourages people to try out a vegan lifestyle throughout the month of January.

Ways to observe:

  • Challenge yourself and your co-workers to go vegan for the month
  • Organise a team lunch at a local vegan restaurant
  • Share your favourite vegan recipes online with your followers

1st - 31st January - Regenuary #Regenuary

What is Regenuary?
Not sold on veganism? You can still do your bit for the planet, thanks to Regenuary. Regenuary encourages people to engage in discussions surrounding food production and consumption, no matter what diet you choose to follow.

Ways to observe:

  • Source your food from regenerative producers throughout the month of January
  • Purchase from local suppliers (to reduce transportation) and support small producers
  • Share tips and ideas with your followers on how they can get involved with Regenuary too!

5th January - Twelfth Night #TwelfthNight

What is Twelfth Night? 
Twelfth Night marks the end of the twelfth day of Christmas, which is the end of the Christmas period and the day that festive decorations come down.

Ways to observe:

  • Pack away your festive decorations and tidy up your office/desk for the new year
  • Update your website and social media platforms so they’re ready to go for 2023!

22nd January - Lunar New Year (Year of the Rabbit) #LunarNewYear #LunarNewYear2023 #LunarNewYears

What is Lunar New Year?
Lunar New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar calendar.

Ways to observe :

  • Wear red throughout the day. This colour represents luck in Chinese culture and is traditionally worn for Lunar New Year
  • Decorate your office or virtual workspace. Red lanterns are traditionally used as a symbol to drive away bad luck
  • Eat/share recipes for traditional Lunar new year foods, such as dumplings (which symbolise wealth and prosperity!)
  • Clean up and organise your schedule for the coming year

25th January - Burns Night #BurnsNight #BurnsNight2023 #BurnsNightSupper

What is Burns Night?
Burns Night marks the anniversary of the Scottish poet Robert Burns’ birth, and is typically celebrated with a Burns’ supper; an evening of food, drink, and celebrating the life and work of the poet.

Ways to observe:

  • Put together a Spotify playlist of your favourite Scottish artists and musicians (and share it with your followers!)
  • Enjoy your very own Burns’ supper by going out for a team meal

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