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September 26, 2022

International Podcast Day

The Power of Podcasts

This month marks International Podcast Day, an annual event taking place on Friday 30th September to celebrate the power of podcasts.

Created with the aim to connect podcasters, listeners, enthusiasts and leaders in the podcasting industry, this day provides a great opportunity for networking and even has its own hashtag -#InternationalPodcastDay. 

At One Nine Nine, we have extensive experience supporting clients with their podcasts. Read on to discover why they are so beneficial, and how a selection of our clients have successfully integrated them into their work.

Engage and Inspire

Although its roots can be traced back to the 1980s, podcasting didn’t truly take off until 2004, with the advent of broadband internet access and portable digital audio playback devices. 

Now the world of podcasting is huge, and covers an expansive range of genres, topics and issues as people from across the globe connect in-person and remotely to record their opinions, theories and beliefs.

Whilst podcasting is popular amongst hobbyists, it’s also incredibly useful from a commercial perspective. When done correctly, podcasts are an amazing tool that can be leveraged to highlight issues, disseminate information and engage new and old audiences. 

Their user-friendly and accessible format makes the content very digestible for nearly all audiences. They can also be edited and enhanced with additions such as external audio bites – giving the creator total control over the finished product. It’s a fantastic format for artists or individuals that want to create something that feels personable, spontaneous or unrehearsed.

Changes with Annie Macmanus

DJ Annie Macmanus has an incredibly popular podcast, Changes – where she chats to artists, writers, musicians and a whole host of fascinating people about the biggest changes they’ve experienced.

This podcast began just before lockdown, and now has listeners from all over the UK and beyond. In addition to providing regular, new content for her fans and listeners – this podcast has enabled Annie to create a platform where she and her guests get to address meaningful issues. 

Podcasts in Technology: Hey! Presents Off Script

Our client, Hey! Is the North of England’s platform for the tech industry and runs a regular schedule of inspirational panel talks, lectures and conferences which cover a range of different topics.

They also create a regular podcast, Off-Script which is available on iTunes, Spotify and Feed. This is where hosts Josh and James unite to discuss everything from tech and design to careers and coffee. 

In addition to being an educational resource that is beneficial to many people working in technology or computer science, this podcast also enables the hosts to highlight key issues facing their industry and businesses. 

Efeca: Celebrating Sustainability

Environmental consultants Efeca have recently created a podcast which is set to go live very soon. This podcast draws attention to environmental issues in the business world and has been created to celebrate the leading women in sustainability.

Efeca’s Women in Sustainability is a 12-part series, with episode one going live in September 2022. 

Get in Touch

We have extensive experience helping clients through every part of the podcasting process – from strategy and planning, to distribution and promotion.  

Want to know more about how podcasting can help you achieve your goals?

Please get in touch with our team on 01138 444 111 or email us at today. 

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