YouTube Tests Subscription-only Shorts
April 16, 2024
YouTube Tests Subscription-only Shorts

In a bid to help creators grow Subscriptions and monetise their content, YouTube is now testing a new ‘Subscriber-only’ Shorts.  

While YouTube’s ‘Subscriber-only’ Shorts may seem like a minor development on the surface, this may be a game changer in helping creators monetise their content and grow subscriptions by offering exclusive content. 

YouTube's move towards streamlining views into Subscribers may make the platform more lucrative for creators and offer greater rewards for growing your channel presence. 

While this new feature is still only in the Beta phase and only available for some YouTube creators, the new ‘Subscriber-only’ feature will appear under the ‘Visibility’ tab when uploading content, so keep an eye out to see if the feature is available to you.

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