TikTok Tests 30-Minute Uploads
January 23, 2024
TikTok Tests 30-Minute Uploads

TikTok is looking to change its business model by introducing 30-minute video uploads, positioning itself as a storytelling platform. 

Some users may already be able to see the feature to upload extended videos in-app as testing rolls out through the West. 

The move towards long-form content is likely linked to TikTok's push to increase creator monetising potential and move away from lip-sync content – which the platform is currently best known for. 

The option to upload long-form videos will allow the platform to stream more ads and endorsed posts while also transforming the platform’s identity. 

As the features begin to roll out to TikTok users, it may be worth tailoring content towards long-term storytelling to capitalise on the platform’s push towards longer videos.

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