TikTok is Launching an Instagram Clone App
June 18, 2024
TikTok is Launching an Instagram Clone App

TikTok is launching a new photo app called "Whee" to rival Instagram.

With a strikingly similar interface to Instagram, "Whee" promises a more private and authentic social media experience, creating an exclusive experience for tight-knit communities - a little like Twitter Circles used to offer.

Currently, "Whee" is a photo-only app where users cannot add captions to their photos, and their content is viewable only by permitted followers with no discoverability features. This aims to create a safer and more authentic posting environment. 

“Whee” is currently only available in a few countries, and requires a TikTok account to create a profile.

While new platforms are exciting, "Whee" might be another digital void for content dumping. However, if utilised correctly, it could help create exclusive communities for 'Top Fans' and followers.

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