New Social Platform ‘Bluesky’ Released
April 10, 2023
New Social Platform ‘Bluesky’ Released

Former CEO and founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey has released a new social media platform named Bluesky as an alternative to Twitter. Dorsey has previously worked at Twitter, but resigned in 2021 amidst claims that the company’s board were considering removing him for his lack of innovation. 

Now released on Android and iOS (though still in beta mode and currently operating as an invite only model),  Bluesky hopes to serve as a decentralised social media platform that gives users more control over the data and content and who has access to it. 

This is achieved through its decentralised system Bluesky Nodes, which is operated by different organisations/individuals and designed with a subscription-based model, rather than relying on ad revenue.

Sources say the app is being developed with a particular focus on open protocols and interoperability, which will allow users to share content with users of other social media platforms.

Bluesky doesn’t depend on a central company to control content and/or data. This could end up being an attractive option for consumers who are conscious of the spread of misinformation, as well as the invasion of privacy seen on other platforms.

However - a concern for the platform’s growth is its decentralised nature, as this could cause problems for content moderation. There is also the question of whether it will be able to survive and succeed in a congested social media landscape. Some critics describe it as a ‘Twitter clone’, which may undermine its ability to surpass the popular social media app.

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