Enhance The Way You Collaborate On Instagram.
November 16, 2023
Enhance The Way You Collaborate On Instagram.

It’s time for the remix! 

Instagram is expanding its collaboration tools with a Remix function to help develop how creators tell stories. 

The new features include:

Allowing content creators to remix their photos and use public images in their reels. 

The new expanded ‘Remix layouts’ will diversify content formats, allowing creators to choose between a green screen, horizontal, or vertical split screen. Or instead, they could opt for a picture-in-picture reaction view to add their video commentary to existing reels. 

Creators can also now use an ‘add your clip’ function to maximise their audience interaction, allowing them to add their clips after the original reels. This allows the videos to play sequentially rather than having remixes appear simultaneously. 

These developments will no doubt enrich the potential of recreating content and keep posts fresh while capitalising on ongoing trends.  

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