Creators and their AI Bot Versions on Meta...
April 15, 2024
Creators and their AI Bot Versions on Meta...

Meta continues to push boundaries, now allowing Instagram influencers to create their own AI bot look-alike to interact with followers. 

The new AI bots — or digital doppelgängers — are part of a new in-stream chatbox feature. The ‘Creator AI’ will build up a series of responses in reply to common questions, all delivered to mimic the creator’s voice and style. 

While AI is increasingly being pitched as the future, and this could potentially offer a spike in engagement for very little hassle, the long-term impact remains uncertain, as this move could make social media a little less… social. 

Ultimately, we always recommend keeping social channels open and ensuring that you’re having a conversation with your following to power connections, build follower loyalty and drive engagement. 

However, as users adapt to this new wave of interaction, it’s an avenue worth exploring while the AI bot feature is still exciting and fresh - just don’t let the bot do all the talking for you.

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